Smart Utility Billing

Bills enter our system where they are rigorously checked providing a deep analysis of cost and use.  Any bills that fail the utility bill validation process are flagged immediately in an exception report. This report is then shared with the maintenance team fir investigation. Smart collection provides live support from professional, trained agents to assist residents with utility billing inquiries and payments, acting as an extension and support to your property management.

- Consumption analysis and alerts 
- Identify and resolve billing errors
- Spot improper meter reads
- Reduce paper and invoice handling costs
- Dashboard reporting 
- Online payments 
- Real-time access to per-unit consumption data
- Immediate final bills
- Onsite staff spends less time with time consuming procedures
- Identify potential utility rate savings opportunities
- Residents also have access to a 24-hour live call centre

We offer the tools and expertise to help streamline invoice processing with our automated collection, validation and payment gateway. A process guaranteed to improve data quality while reducing cost, late fees, and disconnections. Each month utility bill will be prepared auto-generated and be made available to residents by e-mail or via Web Portal for payment online.   The bill will be customized for the property.  Each bill will contain a brief description of how each utility is calculated.  The bills will also contain information on how the tenant may choose to create a web based account with password where they can view their bill on line. Bills are then reviewed and sent through a customizable approval workflow based on an internal approval process. We provide daily individual unit consumption data, with customizable variance alerts. Alerts of unusual consumption allow us to take a proactive approach to managing utility usage.