About Us

We are a Smart Energy Management Company

Smart Collection is a local based company holding more than 14 years of experience in providing efficient and comprehensive Utility Management Solutions.
Our past makes an intelligent choice for your future. The company was founded back when utilities were almost considered "free" with rent, and conservation concerns were practically unheard of. Smart Collection started as a billing service provider. We began promoting chilled water energy conservation before most property owners or managers even realized there were viable ways to control consumption. Years of analysing utility usage and problem solving have clients everywhere depending on Smart Collection.

Smart Collection is led by a results-driven team specialist with extensive know-how in the Energy Management Sector.  Our end-to-end solutions have been designed to achieve rapid and lasting results for businesses of all sizes, sectors, and aims. Experience has always been at the top of our core business. Smart Collection has continually kept pace with the growth and change in the industry, by adapting to the needs of customers, we have established ourselves as the market leaders, offering forward-thinking to shape business intelligence models within the Middle East for Utility Management Solutions.

Our Team

“The success behind the company is our great Team”.
From the initial handshake to generation of your first invoice, we stand with our customers behind our solutions. Reliability and respect are the cornerstones of everything we do, whether it be delivering metering hardware, data analytics or an end-to-end meter reading, billing, professional customer service support and collections (RBC) services.
Our team works with you to determine your sub metering needs. From complete data breakdown for allocation of charges, invoice design, automated collection methodologies to troubleshooting and installation issues, Smart Collection is the front-runner in understanding the Utility needs of today and tomorrow.

Isabel Zouein

Managing Director
Isabel is an experienced Energy Management professional with over 8 years spent in the Utility sector. Recognized in the industry for her valuable inputs towards energy conservation initiatives. Isabel has expert knowledge in the billing, design, installation, and analysis from the simplest to the most complex energy-consuming systems in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Her expertise within the Middle East has led her to develop a Utility web-service based integration and invoice processing platform using the most innovative technology. The platform has increased data accuracy by 36% in comparison to other common software’s. The system has been deployed through the Middle East and currently services over 10,000 accounts.
“In Smart Collections we are dedicate to building long term sustainable relationships and exceed customer expectations by providing the most efficient services while caring for the environment”.